Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions about our products.

All of our candles are vegan friendly and made with 100% pure coconut wax, which has the cleanest, non-toxic, even burn of all candles waxes as it emits no smoke and produces less soot, resulting in a healthier candle experience. Coconut wax burns at a lower heat, resulting in a longer lasting burn time, excellent fragrance retention and a stronger scent throw than other natural waxes. Like all natural waxes, coconut wax does not have the scent intensity of paraffin based wax. It is also the most eco-friendly candle as it is non toxic whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing due to its consistent pure soft white colour and smooth, creamy texture. Coconut is one of the most sustainable wax available for candle making as it is derived from the renewable source of coconuts. The wax used does not contain any genetically modified ingredients, soy, palm or paraffin products. Coconuts are abundantly available and do not contribute harmful deforestation. Compared to other waxes, coconut is more expensive due to the production process but we feel the benefits, justify the higher price.

Our candles have a burn time of up to 28 hours but can burn for over 30 hours based on maximum 4hr burn time intervals in an optimum environment. Environmental factors like room temperature and draft can impact how the candle burns. After each burn, it is recommended that the wick is trimmed to approximately 1cm, straightened and centred if required. Unlike other waxes, coconut wax burns at a lower heat and will not achieve a full melt pool on its first burn. The wax will create ‘hang up’ which appears as a deep U shape as it burns which might be mistaken for tunnelling. It will not develop a full melt pool until 12-13 hours into the burn.

As our fibre reeds are considerably thicker than other commercial reeds, they do not require rotating as frequently for a high performance scent throw. The reed is designed not to clog and diffuse the fragrance along the entire length of the wick. The porous structure of the reed results in a controlled rate of evaporation and subsequent fragrance release. The reeds are advertised as not requiring rotation but environmental factors such as sunlight, central heating and fluctuation in ambient temperature can influence how the scent evaporates and so releases, therefore rotation is recommended when the scent softens.

Environmental factors such as sunlight, central heating and fluctuation in ambient temperature can influence how the scent evaporates through the reeds and releases. As a minimum the fragrance should last 8-12 weeks but this will be influenced by the environmental factors previously referenced.

As both candle and diffuser refills are supplied in self contained aluminium jars and bottles, it is easy to alternate any of the eight fragrances as there is no fragrance retention or penetration on the stoneware. Just remove the lid on jar or bottle, replace the lid to retain the fragrance and place a new fragrance in the stoneware. There is no need for heating or freezing to remove excess wax and no need for pouring the diffuser base, eliminated spillages. A clean, convenient and recyclable way to refill your candle and diffuser holder. Change your mood, change your fragrance!