How Is Packaging Sustainable?

Sustainable packaging in essence needs to be made from natural materials, biodegradable and either reusable or recyclable.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

If packaging is made from recycled products, its carbon footprint will be greatly reduced. Additionally, if packaging is made from natural materials such as cork or FSC-approved paper or cardboard, the growth of such products actually draws carbon out of the environment.


If the packaging is created from natural materials, this usually means is biodegradable and sometimes compostable. Unlike natural materials, plastic based materials are not easily biodegraded, taking hundreds if not thousands of years to break down, releasing toxic chemicals during the process. Due to the petrochemical resources used to make plastic such as crude oil, it is incredibly detrimental to the environment in terms of both extraction, refinement, distribution, use and disposal. Sustainable packaging has none of these issues over its lifespan.

Reusable or Recyclable

Part of what makes packaging sustainable is its ability to be reused or recycled. By reusing packaging, the need for new materials is greatly reduced, so reducing its carbon footprint. If reusable packaging is of high quality, it can be repurposed for further packaging, storage and crafting.

Our packaging credentials

As a company, we have spent a lot of time considering the best options for our customers to ensure all our packaging is sustainable:

  1. We use cotton reusable bags for our stoneware. Cotton is one of the most biodegradable fabrics, particularly if it is 100% cotton. In a compost, cotton may biodegrade within as little as a week but usually takes about 5 months The bags are not branded so they can be repurposed for gifting or makeup / beauty storage

  2. Labels on the stoneware are made on uncoated board (uncoated board has not been laminated with plastic coating for protection and sealing purposes) and tied with paper based raffia ribbon

  3. All labels used on the aluminium jars and bottles are made with uncoated paper from an FSC certified supplier
  4. All aluminium jars and bottles used are 100% recyclable and contain at least 65% recycled material

  5. To protect surfaces we use 2mm thick cork bases. As one of the most renewable and sustainable resources on the planet, cork is derived from the cork tree. The tree can be harvested multiple times in its 200-300-year lifespan and so producing cork for many generations.

  6. The postal boxes used are all UK made Kraft boxes from biodegradable and recycled materials with plastic free kraft tape used as adhesive. To protect our products we use corn starch peanuts that can be dissolved by running under water. Where possible we reuse any starch peanuts sent to us by our suppliers.

  7. Our luxury Kraft gift boxes are made from biodegradable and recycled materials. They are both recyclable and compostable so you are not compromising luxury over sustainability credentials. To protect the products whilst in the gift box, kiln dried wood wool is used and like the Kraft box is naturally biodegradable and compostable.

With the rising awareness of sustainability, customers are choosing to interact with and purchase from businesses that adopt more sustainable practices.



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